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CTFC in 2018

Churches Together in Fleet & Crookham (CTFC) initiated a review of their aims and activities at their September 2017 meeting. There are a number of steps and phases to this:

1. Local church members were surveyed over a two month period to early November. Here are the results and a digest of that.

2. Local church ministers met in late November to consider the survey results and put proposals to the January 2018 Reps Meeting.

3. That January meeting recognised that CTFC needed to change, and that the priorities for the coming year should be:
- for the ministers to invest in strengthening their relationships and concentrate on building one another up in love so as to improve relationships and enable greater working together in the future
- to ensure that the projects we run continue successfully

The meeting acknowledged, to use a metaphor that found favour, that the land needed to lay fallow for a season. That gives time to see what God causes to spring up or, indeed, what He wants to be sown. 


6 months into the year, we held a focus group for ministers to report back on progress.Patrick Butler explained that the ministers had been meeting monthly for breakfast and roughly twice a month for prayer. They found that their friendship had grown, they wanted to seek a vision together and had a shared passion to work together. This had crystallised when they met a fortnight before to prepare for the meeting.

The ministers proposed that our future vision be based around the aims of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland of which we were a part:

• To enable the Member Churches, as pilgrims together, to explore the Christian faith together, to develop mutual relationships, to find common ground, and to work together to build God's Kingdom;
• To enable and encourage the Member Churches to worship and pray together;
• To enable the Member Churches to live and share the Gospel, to evangelize together and to take further steps towards fuller unity;
• To enable the Member Churches to respond to the needs of society and to witness to the Gospel together.
• To enable the Member Churches to reflect together on the nature and purpose of the Church in the light of its mission - each church sharing with others the treasures of its tradition.
They aim to develop this over this over the next 12 months.Other ministers present all spoke warmly and positively of the progress they had made, and this was well received by the meeting.

The ministers will propose that Patrick Butler become Chair and Billy Slatter Deputy Chair at the AGM in September. As regards a secretary, LivingStones was wanting to play a co-ordinating role in serving the churches in Fleet and Church Crookham and had been developing a good communications infrastructure; it was likely that Heather Bailey, their new Centre Manager (Marketing), would take this on.


The CT Projects Group, which oversees the projects under the aegis of CTFC and includes representatives from FACCTS and Living Stones (which are separate charities), is continuing with Patrick Butler as Chair and Will Parker as Secretary. This group takes responsibility for CTFC finances which are currently healthy. 

Anyone with thoughts or questions is invited to speak to their minister or rep.


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